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Noted sex therapist and media personality
Dr. Ruth Westheimer [aka 'Dr. Ruth’]
has stated that is is her belief that
there is no such thing as “a bisexual person.”

Please note: The e-mail address for Dr. Ruth listed in this article appears to be incorrect.

We have checked directly with the office of Mr. Jay Kennedy, Editor in Chief of King Features Syndicate.    They have indicated that Dr. Ruth Westheimer does not have an individual e-mail address.    However they say that e-mail can be sent to and they will be forwarded to her.    They ask that you please remember to put "Dr. Ruth" at the beginning of the 'subject' line, so it may be properly directed.

You can also go to the message board at to read and comment on the original letter, as well as Dr. Ruth's reply to the concern's expressed by the bisexual community.    However to comment yourself you must sign in and become a "member" of their site.

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