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Bialogue = Bisexual/Non-Monosexual + Dialogue.    Taking Action not just Offence
Bialogue is an activist/political group based in NYC working on issues of local, national & international interest.
as though your future depended on it . . .
because it does!

as though your future depended on it . . . because it does!
Given the current political climate it is more important than ever that ALL members of the LGBT community get out and VOTE. Here is a partial list of useful sites:

National (USA)
  1. Human Rights Campaign
  2. National LGBTQ Task Force
  3. The Gay & Lesbian Victory Fund

  4. Log Cabin Republicans

  5. MTV's Rock the Vote
  6. the Feminist Majority Foundation
  7. League of Women Voters

New York
  1. Empire State Pride Agenda

  2. The NYC Board of Elections
  3. The NY State Board of Elections

  4. Gotham Gazette NYC Politics & Policy
  5. NYC League of Women Voters
  6. NY Public Interest Research Group

New Jersey
  1. New Jersey: Division of Elections
  2. New Jersey League of Women Voters

  1. Connecticut: Elections & Voting
  2. Connecticut League of Women Voters

Have we left out an important site in your State? LET US KNOW. --- Thank you

Bisexual/Non-Monosexual & Bi Friendly
Political Blogs

All Blogs listed here were recommended by our loyal and some might even say slightly politically obsessed readers.  

While not all of these Bloggers are self-identified as bisexual or non-monosexual most are all represented as being friendly/inclusive to the greater Bisexual, Non-Monosexual & Queer-identified Community(s) OR in some cases too important to the LGBT Community to leave out.

Bisexual, Fluid, Non-Monosexual & Queer-identified Media

  1. Bialogue Bisexual/Non-Monosexual + Queer Politics (Tumblr)

  2. Bi Radical (via Israel in English)
  3. Bi Magazine (online magazine)
  4. Bi Magazine on Tumblr
  5. Bi Media (primarily UK)
  6. BiNet USA Blog

Voices from the Right
  1. Andrew Sullivan (TW: Biphobic Jerk but important)

  2. Dreams Into Lightning
  3. Gay Patriot
  4. Roger L. Simon
  5. Tammy Bruce

Voices from the Left
  1. AmericaBlog Gay (TW: Biphobic Jerk but important)
  2. Bilerico
  3. DailyKos
  4. Feministing.Com
  5. Joe My God
  6. TransGriot
  7. Rachel Maddow

Have we left out your favourite queer political blogger? LET US KNOW. --- Thank you

When recommending a Blog to be added to the Bialogue Voter Information page, please keep in mind that the Blog should be be Bi-Positive (or "important" enough to the Community to warrant inclusion *cough* Andrew Sullivan *cough*) & concerned primarily with political issues.  

It should also be reasonably well written and intelligent.   In other words it should contain more that mindless rants of the "all Republicans are fascists" OR "all Democrats are weenies" variety.  
give a shit! register & vote

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