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Bialogue is an American activist/political group working on issues of local, national & international interest.
Dear Fellow Non-existent Beings . . .
countering current attempts to erase bisexuality

Throughout history, whenever somebody decided that some group of people or another is 'inconvenient to their particular 'world view', sooner or later they hit on the bright idea of solving their problems by declaring that the bothersome group does not actually exist.   

At one time of another there were allegedly no Irish, Scottish or Welsh; no Poles, Lithuanians, Estonians or Latvians; no Kurds; no Jews; no Bosnians; no Palestinians; no Armenians, etc., etc.    The list goes on and on.   

Anyway, you may be unpleasantly interested to learn that there is currently a move afoot to 'solve' the 'problem of bisexuality' by declaring it to be 'non-existent.   

Read an essay about this topic: Dear Fellow Non-existent Beings     by The Bisexual Curmudgeon (Gary B. North)

Beginnings of the current situation
While our existence has always been the subject of debate among the bigoted and the wilfully ignorant, the volume on the subject was turned up in 2005 by two related events.   

The first was the completion of a new rather dubious 'study' entitled “Sexual Arousal Patterns of Bisexual Men” by Rieger, Chivers and J. Michael Bailey.  

Read an article on this topic: Sexual Prejudice: The erasure of bisexuals in academia and the media     By Loraine Hutchins

Other than raising a few eyebrows among their more competent colleagues, this study would probably have passed relatively unnoticed, except for the fact that a gullible reporter for the New York Times happened upon it.   

In July 2005 the New York Times then proceeded to published a not well researched 'popular science' interpretation of this study, somewhat hysterically entitled “Straight, Gay or Lying: Bisexuality Revisited”.  

Because of the New York Times reputation and reach, this guaranteed that the story and the study would be picked up world-wide, and off we went.

Take Action: Read & respond to GLAAD's piece - The New York Times Promotes anti-Bisexual Stereotypes in "Straight, Gay or Lying?"

Around October 9th 2005 the usually sensible sex therapist Dr. Ruth Westheimer told an advice seeker that they must "choose" their sexual orientation, since there is no such thing as “a bisexual person".   

Take Action: Read the facts & respond to help correct Dr. Ruth Westheimer's mistaken notion's on bisexuality.

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