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Bialogue/GLAAD Bisexuality Packet for Mental Health Professionals
This packet has been created to educate mental health professionals on bisexuality.   It provides facts, dispels myths and stereotypes, educates about issues bisexual people face and provides guidelines for clinical practice.   A section is provided analyzing the Bailey research study and the New York Times article that publicized it, debunking their faulty conclusions.   The packet can be fluid and pieces can be removed or added depending on issues being addressed.  

  1. Myths about Bisexuality a BRC pamphlet (PDF file)

  2. Sexual and Affectional Orientation and Identity Scales: explaining the Klein Sexual Orientation Grid a BRC document

  3. Bisexual Health Care Report for NYC Department of Health by Sheela Lambert: examines barriers to service for bisexual people accessing health and mental health services.

  4. Mental Health Services Experiences of Bisexual Women and Men: An Empirical Study, chapter from Current Research on Bisexuality edited by Ronald C. Fox, PhD

  5. Counselling and Psychotherapy with Bisexual and Exploring Clients by David R. Matteson; Part III Chapter 8 from Bisexuality: Psychology and Politics of an Invisible Minority edited by Beth Firestein

  6. The Threat, Chapter 1 from The Bisexual Option by Fritz Klein

  7. How Many Bisexuals Are There?: Review of Statistical Findings About Bisexual Behaviour, Feelings, and Identities by Paula C. Rodriguez Rust; Chapter 11, Section 3 from Bisexuality in the United States edited by Paula Rodriguez Rust

  8. Introduction and the first 7 sections of Chapter 1 (up through “What’s Good for the Goose”) and one section of Chapter 2 entitled “Exclusively Homosexual, Simultaneously Bisexual: Sexual Orientation” from Biological Exuberance by Bruce Bagemihl

  9. Bi Resources list (national: add your local)

  10. Recommended Readings and Bisexual Booklist

  11. Famous Bisexuals In History list by Sheela Lambert

  12. Safer Sex for Bisexuals and Their Partners a Fenway Community Health pamphlet (PDF file)

  13. Affirmative Psychotherapy with Bisexual Women and Bisexual Men edited by Ronald C. Fox, PhD (due out Summer 2006, will recommend chapters when available)

  14. Becoming Visible: Counselling Bisexuals Across the Lifespan, edited by Beth Firestein (due out Dec 2006, will recommend chapters when available)

  15. The Task Force's Critique of NYTimes/Bailey (PDF file)

  16. GLAAD's Critique of NYTimes/Bailey

  17. Sexual Prejudice: The erasure of bisexuals in academia and the media by Loraine Hutchins in American Sexuality Magazine

  18. Wanted: Bi Guy (Critique of NYTimes/Bailey) by Tristan Taormino for the Village Voice

  19. Bisexuality Study: NYTimes Gives Prominence To Disgraced Researcher from Americablogs

  20. Sexual Arousal Patterns of Bisexual Men” (PDF file) by Rieger, Chivers and Bailey (aka the 'Bailey Study')

  21. "Gay, Straight or Lying: Bisexuality Revisited" by Benedict Carey for the New York Times: Health Section

This Information Packet is a joint project of Bialogue and the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD)

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